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Job Description

As a Staff Software Engineer, you will play a crucial role in designing, developing, and maintaining scalable, high-performance software systems for frontend systems.

What you'll do

Technical Leadership

  • Architect, design, and implement complex software solutions, adhering to best practices and ensuring scalability, reliability, and security.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define technical strategies and roadmaps.

Development and Coding

  • Write clean, efficient, and maintainable code.

  • Conduct code reviews and provide constructive feedback to team members.

  • Drive innovation through research, experimentation, and implementation of new technologies.

Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

  • Analyze and resolve technical issues and performance bottlenecks.

  • Debug complex problems across multiple layers of the stack.

Mentorship and Collaboration

  • Mentor junior engineers, fostering their professional growth and skill development.

  • Collaborate effectively with product managers, designers, and other stakeholders to deliver high-quality products.

Who are you

Advanced Frontend Development

  • Mastery in modern frontend technologies such as JavaScript (ES6+), HTML5, and CSS3.

  • Extensive experience with at least one major frontend framework/library like React, Angular, or Vue.js.

  • Proficiency in optimizing frontend performance and understanding of browser rendering behavior.

Architectural Design and Patterns

  • Deep understanding of frontend architectural patterns, including Flux/Redux, MVC, or MVVM.

  • Ability to design and implement scalable, modular, and reusable frontend components and systems.

Cross-platform and Responsive Design

  • Expertise in building responsive and cross-platform user interfaces across different devices and screen sizes.

  • Familiarity with CSS pre-processors like Sass/Less and CSS-in-JS solutions.

Web Performance Optimization

  • Proven track record in improving web performance through techniques such as lazy loading, code splitting, and caching strategies.

  • Knowledge of performance profiling tools like Chrome DevTools or Lighthouse

Testing and Quality Assurance

  • Experience with frontend testing frameworks (e.g., Jest, Jasmine, Mocha) and test-driven development (TDD) principles.

  • Familiarity with automated testing, end-to-end testing, and ensuring high code coverage.

Version Control and DevOps

  • Proficiency in version control systems like Git and experience with branching strategies, code reviews, and CI/CD pipelines.

  • Understanding of DevOps practices and how they relate to frontend development workflows.

Security and Accessibility

  • Knowledge of web security best practices and experience in addressing common vulnerabilities.

  • Understanding of web accessibility standards (WCAG) and implementation of accessible UI/UX.

Communication and Collaboration

  • Excellent communication skills to articulate complex technical concepts and collaborate effectively within cross-functional teams.

  • Ability to mentor junior engineers, conduct knowledge-sharing sessions, and lead by example.

Continuous Learning and Adaptability

  • Eagerness to stay updated with the latest frontend technologies, trends, and best practices.

  • Adaptability to evolving project requirements and a willingness to learn new tools or frameworks as needed.

  • Fluent in English


Life at Adevinta comes with its perks! Our Adevintans enjoy the following benefits:

  • An attractive Base Salary.
  • Participation in our Short Term Incentive plan (annual bonus).
  • An excellent Equity program. This role plays a key part to the success of the organisation and therefore you will receive a piece of Adevinta every 6 months.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Program with a match from Adevinta.
  • Work From Anywhere: Enjoy up to 20 days a year of working from anywhere! Maybe not from the moon - well why not! just make sure you have internet connection!
  • A 24/7 Employee Assistance Program for you and your family, because we care.
  • Win together, lose together is one of our key behaviours. At Adevinta you will find a collaborative environment with an opportunity to explore your potential and grow.

On top of these, we also provide a range of locally relevant benefits. Wanna know more? Apply and ask our recruiters!


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